Sunday, December 22, 2013

Louis Vuitton: Lumineuse PM


Monday, September 30, 2013

Love: The Fiddle Leaf Fig

How how I yearn for the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. This plant is currently all the rage amongst home decor  magazines and popular bloggers, which naturally makes me want to reject it, but I can see why. The big, leather like fiddle-shaped leaves are so...friendly. The tree gives life to any room it is in and is a piece of art within itself. Sadly, I'll have to settle for drooling over trendy blogger's beautiful photographs until I live in a place with a wee-bit more light than my daylight basement affords me. 

Let's drool together, shall we?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vale Jewelry

This gorgeous jewelry line recently caught my attention when I  found myself googling "Kelly Ripa Jewelery on 'Live with Kelly and Michael" and, apparently, a whole bunch of other people have  as well because there is a entire page called "Kelly's Fashion Finder" on the show's website dedicated to sharing what Kelly's outfit consists of down to the jewelry in each episode.

Kelly Ripa wearing the "Tiny Pave Bar" necklace

Candace Swanepoel showing off her 14K Pave Starburst Necklace $595

Thank goodness because, otherwise, I may have never had discovered this designer(s) who I have fallen hard for. Vale Jewelry is the name and it has been created from twin sisters Ava and Eva Bai. The duo found a niche market in the jewelry arena by creating pieces they deem as "wearable everyday glamorous" as opposed to special occasion pieces. 

Tiny versions of their popular pieces-pic is from their fabulous blog!

A lot of the jewelry uses semi-precious stones including their favorite, Sapphire, due to it's versatility and color range. You'll also find a lot of gold, rose gold and diamonds. The jewelry is often dainty and clever such as the gorgeous "constellation" necklace or the teen-tiny "baby heart" necklace (which there is a larger size of as well).

Constellation Necklace
Vale "Constellation" necklace $395

14K Rose Gold Baby Heart Choker Necklace
Vale 14K "Baby Heart" Choker necklace $215

When you visit the website, you must go to every single page. Seriously, if you do not see every piece of jewelry in the line you are missing out. As I visited more and more pages I became more and more impressed by their designs. Each and every piece is lovely in it's own unique way and completely wearable. The prices are definitely feasible, particularly for a brand that celebrities have picked up. I see myself saving up and grabbing a few pieces in the future.