Friday, March 2, 2012

Lorac "Unzipped" Palette review

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I am not typically a makeup palette kind of girl because, let's face it, a lot of palettes suck. The pigment is cheap, half the colors are bad, and they're expensive.

I think, however, these are the palettes of the past because the ones I am seeing in stores are great!  In fact, I had a really hard time choosing one. I have heard great things about the ever-so-popular Urban Decay "NAKED" palettes, Stila "In The Light" and so on but ultimately decided to go for Lorac's "Unzipped" because of Loracs high quality reputation and I loved the colors!


Unzipped has more browny-pink type tones that tend to look better on me as opposed to more cool black and grey shadows which I love but tend to make me look like I have really small eyes.

The pigment is absolutely gorgeous and shows up really well, it is easy to apply (I like the mill) and there is not one color dud in the palette!

I needed eyeshadow and at $40 I got so much bang for my buck with this purchase! It's promoted at a $200 value and I feel like that isn't too much of an exageration. I can create so many looks without a million eyeshadows floating around, the pans are generously sized, and there is a whopping 10 of them!

The packaging is average with a great big mirror on the inside and comes with a cute little primer that I have yet to try (I know, I'm a bad reviewer lol, perhaps for another post).

I have tried taking a lot of pictures with different looks I have created. Please enjoy below!

Bottom colors

Top colors


UNABTAINABLE outer corner
UNREAL middle

UNDERCOVER inner corner
UNTAMED outer corner
UNBELIEVEABLE inner corner

UNREAL & UNDISCOVERED blended outer corner
UNDERCOVER inner  corner

UNCENSORED outer corner
UNREAL inner corner

If you decide you want this palette, Sephora carries it online and at specific Sephora stores and it is also exclusive to them. In fact, I kind of had to hunt this palette down once I decided to buy it and found it at a nearby Sephora within a J.C. Pennys. It was worth it! lol I've included the link to Sephora's website below for you to check it out!

Lorac "Unzipped" palette at Sephora

UPDATE 12/30/12

Well ya'll, it's been quite some time since I posted this review and I wanted to let all of you know....I still LOVE this palette! It has not broken up on me, even through travel, and there are still so many color combos available to keep my interest. BUY THIS PALETTE!! 

Check out the video review below:



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