Monday, January 21, 2013

J.Crew Collection Silk Georgette Blouse Review UPDATED Feb. 13th! 2013

Hi ladies,

I apologize for the not so great pictures but I wanted to get this review up and going while the blouse is still available online and with an additional 40% off. These pictures are straight out of the package from UPS. I am talking about J.Crew's Collection "Silk Georgette Blouse" in antique white.

I loveeee the blouse! It is so pretty and romantic. It is a little more yellow than what I originally thought but on it is a beautiful creamy color. I really appreciate the attention to details the shirt is given such as the ruched shoulders and back to give the shirt a more feminine feel and luxe silk fabric. 

Looking for more great J.Crew looks?  Look no further than here and here(this was a fun post).

A BIG heads up is that it runs...HUGE! I ordered a size two and it's gigantic. I understand the shirt is meant to be flowy but the two is very wide. I will definitely have to have it taken in which is annoying considering the price but I adore it so much and being final sale, cannot exchange sizes. 

Also, the blouse is see through so a tank underneath is essential for work. Not so see-through, however, that you can see your skin color. It is actually very sophisticated.

I will post some pictures in the next couple of days that are better but in the meantime I definitely recommend the blouse if you've been thinking about it. Just keep in mind the details mentioned above. It is offered in three different colors online and an in a array of sizes. It's currently an additional 40% off with code GET40. Check it out here.


As I mentioned, I needed to get this blouse altered and I finally got around to doing that AND taking a picture lol (check it out below). I love the blouse, I mean, it is very beautiful. I really like the cut. I will say, however, this is the most delicate silk I have ever come into contact with. I mean, if I  rub a cotton ball on it there will be a pulled thread. That aspect is extremely annoying. Also, altering was expensive so this is easily the most expensive blouse I have ever bought. Oh well, at least it's pretty =) 



  1. Too bad it ended up being so big. It's a beautiful blouse on you, though. If it's worth altering, even better :)

    1. Thank you! I think it would probably be flattering on most people because of the feminine shape. Also, there's a color option for everyone! <3

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing this! I am usually a between a 2 and a 4 in most designers, but always a 2 in jcrew. Should I order the size 0 in this shirt? I am thin with a relatively small frame, but I am a C cup. Do you think the 0 is roomy enough? I found one on ebay!


Thanks for the love! <3